Value of the United Nations: Does the UN stand for the right values?

  • Peace, Prosperity First

    The UN stands for peace and prosperity for all citizens of the world first and foremost. The UN doesn't want armed conflict and issues Security Council mandates only as a last resort in an emergency. In peacetime, the UN's many organizations send all kinds of support to needy nations in order to help the world's poorest citizens. The UN most definitely stands for the right values--the betterment of all humankind.

  • Non-Military Programs Prop Up All Human Rights

    The United Nations stands for more than just military intervention at the behest of the Security Council. Civilian programs for banks, ending world hunger and saving humans from AIDS and malaria are all worthwhile programs. Standing up for the rights of women and children in non-democratic nations is also something worthwhile the UN does, so it absolutely believes in the values of freedom, health and democracy for all.

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