Value of the United Nations: Does the United Nations have good value in the world (yes) or is it irrelevant and worthless (no)?

  • Yes it does

    It may have a good enough value to be considered relevant but not to say that is has enough value. It may be good for the world to have the UN to use as a sort of middle ground to meet and discuss current goals on how to better the world.

  • The United Nations is necessary for international relations.

    The United Nations is an extremely valuable entity in global affairs. After World War I, President Woodrow Wilson developed the idea of the League of Nations, a ruling body which would oversee international affairs and conflicts. Despite Wilson's involvement, the United States did not join the League of Nations. After World War II, the United Nations was created and the United States joined. Without the United Nations, there will no longer be a forum for international politics to be discussed by officials.

  • Destroy the UN.

    UN has done nothing worthy all these year. It is useless. It failed to stop Gulf War (1990 - 1991),Attacks of September 11 (2001), Afghanistan War (2001), Iraq War (2003-2007), Libyan Civil War (2011) Syrian Civil War (2011 - not ended) and Israel - Palestine Conflicts (1948 - not ended). They Saddam for breaking only 2 laws but Natanyahu who broke 77 laws is still living. USA use UN as a method to rule the world. It will never work, USA will never win so stop manipulating people American fools. They do things for USA but never against them. Why? Because it is an American association.

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Aiham says2014-10-10T14:42:23.477
It is not needed in this world, destroy it now.