• Dude is slaying conservatives left and right.

    While I don't agree with all of his positions or beliefs, Vaush has done an adequate job of crushing alt-right or right wing grifters and/or scumbags. Whether it's prominent conservative commentators and speakers like Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder, Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, Kaitlyn Bennet, And Charlie Kirk or online losers like "I, Hypocrite" or "Conservative Hype House" or literal Nazis/ white nationalists such as James Allsup and Erik Striker. Vaush has done a tremendous job calling out Republicans on their nonsense. Like recently when he pointed out how the Republicans have halted the investigation into the capitol riots. Why would they do that if they jumped on board with mainstream Trump loons claiming it was antifa? They know it's not antifa. They just don't want their side to look bad.

    He refutes every conservative or neo-nazi argument with science and logic.

  • The left needs more "debate bros" like him.

    I make no apologies for that statement; it's true. People like him are necessary for de-radicalization. You'll never see YT tankies like Caleb Maupin or Luna Oi do more than hurt the chances of gaining a potential ally with their toxic statist rhetoric. More than anything, V makes good on presenting anti-hierarchical arguments in ways that resonate with the current online audience. Vaush rad!

  • Vaush is SUPA-Based.

    He is my favorite FNAF lore reviewer and Bloodbourne streamer. I also love all of his excellent media takes even though most people can't handle the hot facts that he shoots out of all the guns he owns. He has also gotten very fit lately, So fit, That he can physically flex in front of the local TPUSA event and turn everyone there into afficionados of horse phallus. He also has two very cute cats.

  • Yes he is based

    Yes, Only conservatives, Soc dems, Or tankies would be the only ones that disagree with this. Vaush is one of the best people on the left to debate tankies, Conservatives, And fascists as he is a master when it comes to rhetoric and extremely intelligent and well studied to boot. Remember folks, Vaush has read and created all theory ;).

  • Vaush is based as f**k

    Because I said so. I said so, So it is true. If it was not true, I would not have said so. To say Vaush is not based as f**k is incorrect, Therefore, It is true, That Vaush is based as f**k. There is no further discussion. Debate is over. I dub Vaush: based as f**k.

  • Vaush is fine, I guess.

    I don't agree with Vaush on everything, And I think he could get better with debate skills, Especially working with other's frameworks.

    That said, I think that he mostly contributes good to the world, As he pulls over a handful of people from the right to the left, Or liberals further left, Which, As a leftist, I think is good.

  • Vaush rad vaush rad

    Vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad
    Vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad
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    Vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad vaush rad

  • Vaush is super based

    Vaush is one of the most intellectually honest people ive seen online, Whenever he does something wrong he properly makes up for it or takes care of it even if its damaging to his reputation just so he can be as honest as possible. He believes the positions he pushes and defends them honestly. He deradicalized me and many others

  • No he has tendencies to strawman

    I think Vaush has a tendency to strawman this isn't particular to him a lot of people do it

    he also seems to not understand what Fascism is again not particular to him but it is an economic system

    he tends to say all Republicans are racist my not for this would be that stream he did in the PragerU video on extremists its simply not true that Republicans are Racists

    it would seem to that leftists are more racist because they seem to think black people can't get photo ids but that's a topic for another time

    all in all I think shoe on head is better than Vaush she has a more balanced view of things that I can really respect instead of yelling racist or Nazi at everyone Chris ray gun as well just over all every balanced and fair

  • Only persuasive to people who already agree with him

    In order to persuade someone in a conversation/debate, You must make honest efforts to understand their viewpoint and give them every opportunity to explain their argument as best as possible.
    This is called a "steel man", It is the opposite of a straw man.

    I have never seen Vaush accurately steel man the arguments he fervently opposes. On the other hand, I've seen him talk over debaters to make unfunny and snide comments-- repeatedly.
    I mean, I get it, Your idiot fanbase thinks "clapbacks" and "dunks" are how debates are handled, But do you have to repeat the same trite drivel over and over?

  • Vaush is a pedophile

    Vaush has time and time again defended his right to consume child pornography, He is in a polygamous relationship with a tranny and a fat spic goblin. Vaush should unironically be executed for being a sexual degenerate. His fanbase is worse than chapotards and quite young, Possible grooming is going on.

  • He's an admitted pedophile

    He's an admitted pedophile - that's not based.

    He's also a socialist, And raises money for terrorists. It's arguable that he himself is a domestic terrorist.

    He recently mansplained to beloved female children's author that woman has no definition. And he said that she couldn't be a victim, Her ex husband beat her, Because she's a billionaire

  • Dude is a fat dumbass

    He literally does nothing other than argue semantic to create a framework which supports his arguments which are nothing other than hypothetical because the reality of his arguments never support his stupid ass positions such as his wantingness for child pornography and his obviously skewed perception to reality (he justified his position on the rittenhouse case by comparing it to a f***ing marvel movie)

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