Veal: Is the farming and consumption of veal acceptable?

  • Veal is an edible meat

    Yes, farming and consumption of veal is acceptable. We farm and consume chickens, cows, and pigs so why would it be different for veal. Different cultures consume different animals and we are a country of various cultures. Some people farm and consume goats. It is no fair to condemn one act over another.

  • Yes, it would produce healthy food.

    Yes, the farming and consumption of veal is acceptable, beacuse it is no different than producing other types of meat. As long as the veal is farmed ethically, wtih regulations for the health and safety of the animals and the cleanliness of the facility, there is no reason that veal cannot be raised, just like any other meat.

  • Why choose to eat a baby?

    There is plenty of meat out there. Much cheaper meat. So why choose to eat a baby that was raised so cruelly? Mercy for animals did an undercover investigation on the cruelty of making veal, and it is so hard to stand it. Besides, there are plenty of cheaper meats from cows and pigs available, so why would you want to eat a BABY instead?

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