Veal: Is veal an important part of various cultures that needs to be preserved?

  • Veal is Delicious

    Veal is a delicious and important part of many cultures' culinary culture. Although conceptually difficult to understand, the fact is that these cows would be raised for beef in any event, so there is noting any more inhumane about eating veal than eating any other type of meat or poultry product.

  • Veal is Religious

    Veal in many countries are animals of sacrificial worship in that regards, veal is an important part of cultures. Other countries of different religions should respect those countries that hold veal as a religious sacrifice. Just as cows are religious animals in India, one can get persecuted for endangering veal.

  • No way, No how.

    This is for the people who say "there isn't a difference from beef cows." Veal is a by-product of the dairy industry, where they take the young babies from their mothers at birth, and put them in a dark room with many others. There, they are chained by the neck in tiny crates, unable to sit, lay down, or even turn around. After about 6-8 weeks of this torture, the only sunlight they ever see is when they are packed in the truck that will take them o the slaughter house. This is the wonderful story about how veal is made, would you like to hear about how chickens are slaughtered for Mcdonalds and KFC?

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