Veal: Is veal farming generally humane (yes) or cruel (no)?

  • Yes, veal farming is done humanely, like most farming.

    Yes, veal farming is generally humane, because it is an efficient way to raise meat for consumption. It is not any more inhumane than other kinds of raising meat for human consumption. There should be oversight, and all farming should be done in a humane way, but there is nothing about veal farming in and of itself that is inhumane. The animals are taken care of and kept clean.

  • Cruel, but what can you do.

    I feel as though it is pretty cruel, but it doesn't stop the inevitable. I feel like most cows that are raised just for slaughter don't live that good of a life, so dying young might even be somewhat of a blessing in disguise. I feel as though humans have to eat, but don't have to kill baby cows.

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