• Yea i suppose

    If you witnessed a fatal car crash, It wouldn't be nice to just go and eat the victim. Yeah, The meat may be a potential source for protein and minerals, But there are alternatives. And likewise, Swerving your car to deliberately run over a dog because you are hungry and want to eat it is not cool. The dog could be friends with a turnip who would get very upset if you ate his best friend.

  • Vegetarian! Vegetarian! Vegetarian!

    As we say killing people is a SIN. And eating animals isn't it a sin?
    Being in a favor i suggest a person should be vegetarian. For fulfilling our requirements
    We should not kill those innocent animals and not have them on our plates.
    There are various of food products which have better protein than non
    vegetarian diet. If killing people people takes you to court why not animals?
    Who are we to eat them? Who gives us this right?
    Don’t see why someone should lose their life just so you can have a snack. ” -Russell Brand

  • We should not feel morally obligated to save other animals when it does not suit our interests.

    Humans are not the saviors of this planet. We do not need to do things for other animals for the sake of "morality" unless we want to. In fact, Morality is a system for people by people, We do not apply the same system to other animals because we are not other animals. This philosophy is a very common and accepted part of our society as shown through a certain instance of the trolley problem. If you had to kill one thing and the choice was between a dog and a person, Unless you are incredibly messed up, You would kill the dog without a second thought. This mentality is necessary for the continued existence of any social species on the planet.

    While meat has been under alot of scrutiny, The fact of the matter is that meat provides humans with a lot of nutrients that cannot be easily absorbed otherwise. Sure, There are alternatives, But these alternatives require you to ingest massive quantities of it before they have any real effect on your health. No, The only viable alternative to eating meat are supplements, But living on supplements to survive an extra few years does not sound like a very good time. I would rather eat well and possibly die earlier than not eat as well and possibly die later.

  • Meat is an important part of our diet!

    Look at the animal kingdom and you will see it is natural for species of animals to kill and eat other species. It is a way to keep balance. Our teeth and bodies are designed to consume meat.
    Meat is an important source for protein and minerals. Sure you could claim there are other sources but how is it any better than meat. Plants are living things as well and are also innocent.
    I can't be bothered to continue on with my argument because intelligent people know when to stop arguing with ignorant people. Sure do what ever makes you happy as long as you don't push your ideologies on me.

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