Vegetarianism: Are humans and animals of equal value?

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  • There is a food chain, but all animals including us are of equal value.

    All sentiment beings should be treated with respect, no matter which is more intelligent. It is wrong to abuse animals, eat them, anything of the sort. I am don't my paragraph but I need to fill up these remaining words. Blab blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah BLAH!

  • The food chain remains intact

    It's a great question to ask of a lion eating a gazelle if the gazelle is of equal value. The lives can still be of equal value and the act of feasting is still part of the normal food chain. I personally believe an animal's life can be of equal value to a human's, but it's still in our nature to eat what we can kill.

  • Yes but there is a food chain

    Animals and humans are of completely equal value, in some cases, animals are more valuable and better than humans. However there always has been and always will be a food chain. This is how everyone, even animals have survived throughout history. Some animals and humans only eat plants and vegetation while other animals and humans eat both vegetation and meat. This does not mean that animals are any less valuable, it just means they unfortunately appear below the human on the food chain.

  • Animals are not the same value as humans.

    Nope. I know we all love our furry friends, and some of us tend to assign them human characteristics because we love our kitties and puppies so much, but they are not of equal value to humans. And don't expect my position on that matter to change until the first goat comes up with a cure for cancer and writes a best-selling novel.

  • We Don't Have Inherent Value

    I do not believe humans and animals are of equal value, in fact, I would be hard pressed to say in terms of the universe we have any noticeable value at all. However, we are here and we are here on this planet with animals. I would say if you want to compare species and animals, it would be best to do so with the food chain. Since we are at the top of the food chain, I would say we are the rulers of our domain.

  • Sadly they are not

    I do not think that animals are on the same playing field as humans. I never want to see an animal treated inhumanely or that they have to suffer, but they are a food source that we desperately need. There is no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to eat them.

  • Humans and animals are not of equal value.

    Humans and animals are not of equal value. I think everything falls on the food chain, however, there are some animals we treat as pets and should be treated equally as humans. I do not think people were intended to be strictly vegetarians. I have met a few and there is nothing wrong with it but seems like those that do that diet are always sick or feel ill. I do not think most animals and humans are equal.

  • No humans and animals are not of equal value

    No, I do not think that humans and animals of are equal value. I think that animals were put on the earth for humans to eat, and that they do not have the same power and value that humans have. I do think that animals should be protected from cruelty, but are not equal to humans.

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