Vegetarianism: Do animals have rights that makes eating them inappropriate?

  • They are sentient beings just like us.

    There are supermarkets filled with other things you can eat. If you bothered to look up the terrible things that are done to these animals before they end up on your plate, if you were capable of compassion, you would think twice before eating another creature.
    How would you feel if you a giant monster came, ate your kid, and then excused it by saying it's natural for monsters to eat human beings? Those animals that end up on your plate were once alive! They were once thinking, feeling, and responsive beings just like us. So if they could eat us they might eat us, but does eating them make us any better than they are? Death is death, no matter in what form or manner it's caused, just as life is life, no matter if ant, cat, cow, or human being. We call ourselves intelligent beings although we can't even cooperate with each other, much less other species. In what way does eating innocent creatures prove our superiority?
    The excuse that most people use is that animals aren't people, therefore it's right to eat them. If animals possessed voices of their own, if they could speak, how many people would be capable of executing them just because they can, ignoring and even ridiculing their pleas for mercy?

  • Laws of Nature

    If a lion was to kill a Gazelle , would that be considered wrong. No because that's simply how nature works. "Survival of the strongest" and "Kill or be killed" are some of the basic laws of nature. Humans are the smartest and strongest of all species. Therefore, we shall domesticate and eat other animals as we please. Just think about it. If we were inferior to all other animals do you think they would think twice about eating us? Rights simply don't exist in this matter!

  • No, animals do not have rights that makes eating them inappropriate.

    No, I do not think that the rights of animals makes eating them inappropriate. I think animal rights applies to not abusing them, like making them fight each other or beating them. It has nothing to do with us as humans being able to use them as a food source. Meat contains nutritional value that helps children grow to be strong adults.

  • Eating animals is natural.

    Humans eating animals, as well as animals eating other animals, is simply part of nature. To claim animals have some sort of special rights not to be eaten is ludicrous and goes against all the laws of nature. There is absolutely nothing that makes eating animals inappropriate for either humans or animals.

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