Vegetarianism: Do humans NOT have dominion over animals (and a right to eat them)?

  • We have no right to eat animals.

    Human beings are mistaken in thinking that just because we are highly intelligent and are able to raise and eat animals for food, that it is right to do so. Being highly intelligent gives us a responsibility to care for those that are less powerful in this world, and that includes animals. It is not necessary for our survival to eat animals and it is cruel to kill them so that we can "enjoy" a burger. It is unhealthy and inhumane.

  • We have zero right!

    I wonder what would happen if an animal just killed a human baby? Hmmm it would get shot. But it’s our right to strip Mother’s of their young for milk, and whatever the hell else. A baby is a baby and a mother is a mother and there isn’t a species out there that the mother does not nurture their young. We humans are a discrace and are destroying the world. 2050 is not that far away, the world is going to rub out of food. Read up...When your grandchildren are dying of starvation, you think about that burger you had to have.

  • Humans do not have the right to eat animals

    Animals are living organisms ,just like us and all organisms have the right to live. Every organism is equal .By the way,scientific research has proven that we do not actually need meat to survive .Protein can be obtained from plant sources such as soy beans and more.With that the common reason of lack of protein should not be accepted.

  • We can eat animals.

    If you want to be a vegetarian and only eat things that do not come from animals, than that if your right. However, people have just as much right to be able to eat animals if they choose to. Animals are a part of the food chain that we are in. It's natural.

  • Humans Are At The Top of The Food Chain

    I believe that humans do have dominion over and animals and we do have the right to eat them. Food chains exist in every part of the world and at the top of each food chain is the human. Humans are healthier and stronger when they eat meat and it should not be seen as a bad thing.

  • Humans have right to eat animals

    I think humans have a right to eat animals as part of their diet. It is part of nature and part of the food chain. I could agree to a point with how we go about killing animals to eat is wrong and not justified. I think the end game is rigth but the game plan to reach the end is not good.

  • Humans do have dominion over animals and a right to eat them.

    Humans do have dominion over animals and a right to eat them. We have hunted animals since the caveman era and will do so as long as our population exists. Vegetarians are like any other humans in that they can decide what they want to eat in their diet. It does not mean that you have to force your diet on everyone else.

  • Humans Have Dominion Over Animals

    In this day and age, humans absolutely have dominion over animals and therefore have a right to eat them. Vegetarianism is a great option for many people, but we should be able to eat animals nonetheless. Humans are more intelligent and sentient than other animals, so we have dominion absolutely.

  • Humans DO have dominion over animals (and a right to eat them).

    It's natural for animals to eat each other. Lions eat gazelles. Cats eat mice. A lot of animals are carnivores, and they have to eat other animals. In the same way, if humans are clever enough to catch and kill an animal, it is only fair that they should be able to eat it for sustenance.

  • We have a right to eat animals.

    As humans, we are able to think and plan intelligently. In a "survival of the fittest" mentality, we are able to raise herds of animals for the express purpose of consuming them. Animals have been shown to be aggressive toward humans, and have not hesitated to use humans as a food source. It has also been shown that animals eat other animals as a food source.

    Not only are we more intelligent, and therefore can raise livestock as a food source, it is also an important source of protein which the body needs.

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