Vegetarianism: Is a vegetarian diet healthier for humans?

  • A vegetarian diet is healthier for humans.

    A vegetarian diet is healthier for humans because it contains less animal fat. Studies have shown that the saturated fat contained in animal meats can lead to heart disease and cancer. Vegetarians tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and they are therefore much healther and less likely to contract disease.

  • Yes, a vegetarian diet is healthier for humans.

    Yes, a vegetarian diet is healthier for humans. A recent study in Great Britain revealed that vegetarians have healthier hearts than meat eaters. Vegetarians have lower blood pressure and are at less of a risk for diabetes and heart disease. Vegetarians are also known to benefit aesthetically with healthier teeth and skin.

  • In Contemporary Society, Yes

    Organic fruits, nuts and vegetables are the healthiest foods for humans to consume today because there is nothing artificial about them. There are no pesticides to cause cancer later in life. There are no growth hormones or antibiotics injected in these crops, nor are there horrendous living conditions such as tiny cages for chickens or hogs. Back before mass production, meat might have been healthier, but not today with all of the crap these animals are fed.

  • Health benefits of being a vegan fade with old age

    Studies show those who were a vegan through-out their lifetime suffered from the same health risks that meat eaters suffer from. I think it's important to have a well-balanced diet, and vegans tend to have a difficult time getting enough protein without eating meat. In the long run, I don't believe being a vegetarian is healthier and is more so a cultural lifestyle choice in a fight against the killing and eating of animals.

  • A vegetarian diet is definitely better.

    There are thousand's of reasons why, as regarding health it is better. That is if it is a proper healthy balanced diet. If you are living in a place with little acces to certain types of food or if your health means you can't eat certain foods then being veggie might not be too great but if not then yes. Even being vegan has been proven to be better for you!:-)

  • Our brains wouldn’t have properly developed if it weren’t for the consumption of meat.

    Out of more than 150 native cultures that have been studied, not a single one of them were found to be vegetarian. We are essentially 99.9% genetically identical to our ancient ancestors, and thus we thrive most optimally when we emulate their diet and lifestyle. In conclusion, vegetarians don't get enough nutrients for their body.

  • Balanced is Best

    I think that vegetarianism is a great diet, if one decides to follow it. It is good if it is followed safely. I do not think that it is healthier. Other diets can be just as healthy if they too are followed safely and intelligently. I think that a balanced diet is best.

  • Vegetarians generally don't look healthy

    Vegetarians I've met, and particularly vegans always look like they're hungry. Their skin is splotchy. They seem to be lacking vital vitamins and minerals. They like to tout how much healthier a life it is for them, but by looking at them you wouldn't know. If they can survive without any meat proteins, more power too them!

  • We were made to eat animals, so no vegetarian diets are missing nutrients.

    My mom is actually a new vegetarian for about a year now, but it was more for health reasons and not because you just decided to ruin your body. I believe it is your choice, but if you do not eat meat I have noticed how weak you feel. Meat is protein and no one should go without. I am not saying have a buffet of different meats, but to stay healthy maybe a piece a day.

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