Vegetarianism: Is vegetarianism an expression of human compassion?

  • It has multiple expressions.

    Becoming a vegetarian is an expressino of compassion towards the world around us and it is also many other things. It is a political statement and it is an ethical one as well. Above all things it is also a way to say to your body: "I'm going to protect you."

  • It Is One Way to Spare Animals

    Vegetarianism is one expression of human compassion towards animals. Not all vegetarians ascribe to the diet to spare the lives of fellow creatures and instead do so for health and nutritional reasons. Eating more vegetables leads to better overall health, better immune systems, better energy levels and better overall quality of life. It takes seven times less carbon to eat plants than it does to eat meat because the feed for livestock is heavy and must be imported by gas-guzzling trucks.

  • It Can Be

    I believe people chose vegetarian diets for a variety of reason, but when they opt to do it for saving animals lives, then it is definitely an expression of human compassion. Other people may opt for this type of diet because it is healthier or maybe they want to lose weight, so it really depends on why the person chose the diet.

  • Vegetarians believe that similar to humans, animals have thoughts and feelings that should be respected as well.

    The common majority of vegetarians start their ritual of a meat-less diet for the sole reason of compassion towards living animals. In their minds, the refusal of meats will save animals from being hunted as often as well as save living souls from pain and suffering. These actions are also believed to be good for nature in general. It is believed to decrease the destruction of trees and animal homes.

  • Vegetarianism can be an expression of human compassion.

    While there are vegetarians who simply have a distaste for meat or abstain from meat for health reasons, most vegetarians do so out of compassion for other living beings. These people believe that is wrong to take the life of an animal for their own nourishment or pleasure when reasonable alternatives exist. This is certainly an example of human compassion.

  • Let me get this straight...

    Vegetarians, instead of eating the animals, eat the food the animals could have eaten.
    Sure, there's room for all of those creatures... Right next to the mashed potatoes. I'll take mine well-done.
    And no, it is not. Human compassion, in my book, extends to other humans. Animals are not humans; they are things to be used as we see fit. And I see them as fit... To eat!

  • Vegetarianism is not an expression of human compassion.

    Vegetarianism is not an expression of human compassion. There have been many vegetarians that claim they are doing it for the sake of animals. However, there are far less vegetarians then there are meat eaters. They may be saving the animal for now but eventually we will use it for the non-vegetarians in society.

  • No, It Is Too Limited

    No, it is not. Vegetarianism only goes so far to protest using animal-based products. Vegetarians still consume non-edible materials that are animal-based. For example, a vegetarian may not eat meat, but may still own leather furniture. Vegetarianism also hinges widely on the nutrition benefits, rather than the animal benefits. Many vegetarians stop eating meat so they no longer have risk of potential heart complications from eating animal proteins.

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