Vegetarianism: Is vegetarianism good for the environment?

  • Of course we avoid many process.

    -We live in an equilibrium system. So, "We need a animal balance. Not the way that it is in this days..There are a lot cows. Where are wolves and coyotes ? If we want a sustaintable meat we have to hunting naturally.

    -We have overpopulation. People needs to eat "animals". But at the same time we need a lot fodder for them, and at the same time we need water, fertilizer, power etc. All this for make to grow this fodder.

    -Then, the fodder is procesed and packed. It is ready to be shipped.
    Accordingly, we spent water, energy, workforce and fuel and other tools. Only for prepare the fodder.

    -Finally we feed the animals with the fodder for this we need power, water and workforce.

    -When the meat is ready, it is packed and shipped.
    So, we spent, water^2, power^2 and workforce^2, fuel^2.

    -Also, Is showed scientifically, that cows produce a lot methane (CO2eq).

    So, I prefer cultivate vegetables instead fodder. =D

  • Yes, it is beneficial.

    When animals need to be fed the grain, it takes much more grain to fatten them than it does to put grain and vegetables directly on the table. So being a vegetarian contributes to the environment in a good way and is more earth friendly than eating a lot of meat.

  • I truly think that vegetarianism is good for the environment.

    I truly think that vegetarianism is good for the environment. Vegetarianism is sustainable. Growing fruits and vegetables does not damage
    the environment or produce a lot of pollution.
    On the other hand, producing meat contaminates the environment and
    produces a lot of waste. The world would
    be a better place if everyone was vegetarian.

  • Vegetarianism is good for the environment

    The production of meat for human consumption demand a lot of resources and contributes to the destruction of forests to create land for grazing. Additionally, the large number of animals that are raised release gases and waste into the environment. When people become vegetarians, or at least cut back on the amount of meat they eat, they decrease these demands on the environment. The cumulative effect of this could be quite dramatic.

  • Vegetarianism is not good for the environment.

    Without people eating meat the animal population would likely grow out of proportion. This is one reason that hunting is not only allowed, but encouraged in most parts of the world. If deer or other critters are not hunted then their population would rise to a point where many of them would just die anyway of starvation.

  • No, vegetarianism isn't good for the environment.

    There are some ways that vegetarianism could potentially be good for the environment. As an example, cows are a major cause of pollution, to the point where they may even contribute to global warming. But if everyone ate a mostly plant-based diet, there would need to be a lot of farmland, which also causes a removal of native species like trees and plants. This type of plant removal can lead to erosion and other environmental problems.

  • Not If Everyone Did It

    Vegetarianism can be an excellent diet for those that chose to follow it, however it isn't a diet that directly benefits the environment. If the entire world elected to become vegetarians, then it would actually be bad for the environment, because it wouldn't take long for their to be a big boom in the population of animals.

  • Vegetarianism still takes crops to grow. Eating meat also keeps animal populations in check

    Eating vegetarian does not help the environment in the sense that it will not cut down on the need for industrial farming or crops. Vegetables and food like rice still need land area in which to grow. While eating veggie does cut down on the number of meat processing plants and space needed to feed livestock, it will not cut down on the need for farm land, thus still contributing to degradation of nature

  • We will have to many animals.

    Have you ever thought of becoming a vegetarian because you can't stand the thought of dead animals rotting then you eating it. Well that may be what is happening but without some meat eaters we will have to many animals. I bet you never really saw a wolf that is because their being hunted to be eaten and without that every day you will see one on your lawn.

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