Vegetarianism: Is vegetarianism natural and healthy for humans?

  • Yes, people who don't eat meat are healthier than those who do

    Vegetarianism is the chosen diet of millions of the world’s
    people. Many choose such a diet for religious reasons, but some choose it for
    health. People who eat a diet based on plants tend to have lower cholesterol
    readings, less heart disease, and less cancer. This may be because vegetarian
    food tends to be lower in calories and higher in vitamins than the alternative,
    or it may be because it is lower in toxins. For whatever reason, those people that eat
    a thoughtful, well-considered meat-free diet are healthier than those that eat

  • Yes it is.

    Vegetarianism is natural for some humans. Some humans are just not meant to eat meat. It is also healthy when done right. I am not a vegetarian but I have thought about becoming one. If you eat the right foods, and don't just fill up on meatless junk food, you will be very healthy.

  • Yes it can be

    Although humans are omnivores by evolution, it is not out of the question that an all-vegetarian diet can be beneficial. As long as the dieter is getting enough protein and other essential nutrients that are commonly found in diets that include meat, there is no reason why a vegetarian cannot be just as healthy as any other human.

  • Vegetarianism Healthy and Natural for Humans

    Nothing is more healthy and natural for humans than vegetarianism. Such a diet is much closer to what humans ate thousands of years ago. Today's diets of processed foods and animal meats are damaging our bodies in countless ways. Therefore, vegetarianism truly is the best diet option for human beings.

  • Yes, it is.

    Vegetarians are able to get all the same nutrients and vitamins that those who do eat meat get. They may need to go about it in different ways than how we do it, but it is still perfect healthy and a great way to keep up with good foods and an awesome diet.

  • Vegetarianism is a choice some people make

    Some people make a choice not to eat meat and while it is an acceptable choice it isn't necessarily natural for an omnivore like a human to completely stop eating meat. It also could prove to be an unhealthy choice if a vegetarian neglects to find adequate sources of the vitamins and minerals which are often found in meat.

  • Healthy Maybe, Natural Definitely Not

    In my teenage years I was a vegetarian for about 3 years to protest animal testing that was being done in my area. I do believe if done right being a vegetarian can be very healthy, but I also know from experience if done wrong it can be harmful. I myself became iron deficient and had to switch back to my normal eating lifestyle. I do believe as a society we consume much more meat than we should however we are naturally omnivores who prefer both meat and plants.

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