Vegetarianism: Should animals be given rights on the basis that humans have rights?

  • Yes,animals should be given rights of a human

    Ok. Yes, I understand how much we love our grilled food but shouldn't animals at least be given a chance to live and thrive?The reason many animals went extinct was either because of over-hunting or pollution.Many animals like sword fish, sharks and herring are being overhunted in places like the pacific ocean and the south china sea.If we don"t protect them you can forget about having fish and chips

  • Yes, of course other animals need rights.

    Other animals are NOT put on Earth for our entertainment. They're not objects, they were made to live alongside us and for us to live alongside them. While it is OK to eat some animals, the way we kill them is completely inhumane. If we were to kill a cow for food, do it in the most painless way possible.

  • What makes us so much better than them?

    First off.... Humans are animals. So the 100% are basically saying they shouldn't have rights, so good job on that one.
    Second...Many animals share the same complex emotions as we do. Haven't you ever seen an animal grieve over the loss of the dead?
    Animals haven't destroyed the entirety of their population...Which humans have, so how are we so much smarter than them?

  • no they should not

    Animals were put on the Earth for us and are not equal to us therefore should not be allowed the same rights as us of course. If animals were not meant to be eaten then why does pig and cow smell so delicious when they burn? Its because their purpose is to be our food.

  • Animals And Humans Are Not Comparable

    For millions of years hominid creatures, such as ourselves, have fed, ate, and survived by eating animals. Had humans not learned to hunt and prepare meat for food, many of us would not be here today. Furthermore, meat provides nutrients that our bodies require. For that reason alone, animals should not be given the same rights as humans.

  • Animal Rights Equivalent to the Rights of Human Beings Is Unrealistic

    We are kidding about this right? Even those who live by an intense biblically based set of principles are well aware that the raising and utilizing of animal livestock as a food source for humans is acceptable and has been for centuries. Those who foster a more Darwinian set of attitudes still must admit that the cave dwellers of our world, once hunted and killed animal species to nourish themselves. Declaring oneself personally vegetarian is all fine and good, but to insist upon those eating habits for others and therefore advocating animal rights similar to those afforded human beings is quite unrealistic.

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