Vegetarianism: Should humans stop eating animals and become vegetarians?

  • Of course we should

    In labs they are making protein and putting it into vegan food so we won't be lacking protein and animals have a right to live. We get more vitamins in vegetables. Less risk of getting cancer, Heart disease, Reduces depression and gives healthy skin. We don't need to kill our beautiful animals.

  • The healthier and kinder to do

    This dietary evolution is still 100 percent vegan (the Hygienists had that one right), but is much lower in sugar, much higher in chlorophyll, much higher in minerals, encourages soaking nuts and seeds, includes raw food juices, does juice and superfood cleanses instead of water fasting, allows and encourages unprocessed salts, superfoods like algaes, colon cleansing programs and healing herbs. The evolution of Natural Hygiene recognizes the vast nutritional superiority of whole food cooked foods over animal products (whether cooked or raw). The Hippocrates diet is one such dietary evolution." And the animals thank.(See:

  • I think that humans need to stop eating animals and become vegetarians.

    I think that humans need to stop eating animals and become
    vegetarians. It would be better for all
    of us if we all did this. We would also
    save a lot of money, because large amounts of money are spent in order to raise
    farm animals. If we were all vegetarians,
    there would be less fights and less disease.

  • Better Nutrition, Less Carbon Footprint

    Vegetables offer more vitamins and minerals than meat does, plus it takes less burning of fossil fuels to grow vegetables than it does to raise livestock. Although vegetarianism isn't for everyone, becoming a vegetarian is a good thing for health and for the Earth. Humans should stop eating animals anyway because animals feel pain just as much as we do.

  • A planet where humans embrace a plant based diet would never run out of food

    It makes no sense to raise an animal, feed that animal until it's the appropriate size to be slaughtered at market and sell the meat to humans to eat. Humans are omnivores. Just from an economic point of view, using fuel - the plants, to create an animal for a human to eat is a waste of energy, space and time. Growing appropriate food for humans to eat and allowing it to be eaten directly by them saves a whole lot of waste and time in between the food in its original state and the food being available to be eaten. In addition, raising and killing animals is simply legalized murder. Sentient non-human beings are exactly the same as we are with all the same emotions and bodily functions. The only difference is language and placement of hair and limbs. It's very doubtful that if a cow or sheep or pig could speak a human language, that we would eat that individual. Extrapolating that to ourselves, if an individual that did not look like us and did not speak any of our languages, appeared on our planet some time in the near future, would we eat that individual or make an attempt to communicate and live in peace with him or her?

  • Humans are ominvores by nature.

    Although some may choose a vegetarian diet, humans are omnivores by nature and there is no reason they should completely abstain from meat. Meat, eaten in proper portions, is perfectly healthy for humans and provides much needed nutrients. Meat is also a natural part of any omnivore's diet and is therefore completely acceptable for humans to consume.

  • There is no B12

    If you don't eat meat you miss out on the necessary vitamin B12 this is dangerous to our heath and means that we can't have a proper balanced life style as B12 only appears in fish and meat which means that our bones are weaker and we are more likely to get bone cancer.

  • No they shouldn't

    If you want to only eat non animal by products, then that is your decision and that is fine. However, it is not something that we should all do. Eating animal products is natural as long as we are keeping those animals in good conditions and not in harmful ones.

  • Humans should not stop eating animals and become vegetarians.

    It is natural for humans to eat animals and they should not be required to become vegetarians. People who become vegetarians do so for moral reasons. There is no reason that people who do not share these moral qualms should be forced to follow a strange and rare dietary restriction.

  • Meat gives an all around diet.

    Humans are not meant to be vegetarians. Our teeth and our digestive system are built for both vegetation and meat. Not only that if you cut out meat it is hard to get all the nutrients that one needs to be healthy and live a full life. It can still be accomplished but it makes it a lot more difficult.

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