Vehicle fuel economy standards: Are fuel economy standards superior to a gas tax?

  • Fuel Economy Standards are superior

    Its been historically witnessed that society hates the enactment of new taxations. Sales tax, property tax, gas tax, liquor tax, shipping tax, etc.; the list of veritable taxations is daunting. Introduction of a new gas tax would receive negative reactions nationwide. Now, mandating corporations to adhere to a strict fuel economy standard introduces taxation only to the corporations, who in all honesty can definitely afford the additional expense.

  • Fuel Economy Standards Are Superor To A Gas Tax

    Absolutely! We (the American public) have shown over and over again that we adjust to and eventually accept high - even ridiculously high - gas prices. While car-pooling and fuel-efficient vehicles do become more popular when gas prices soar, there are still plenty of large, gas-guzzling SUVs on the road. Implementing better fuel economy standards on manufacturers pushes us in the direction of less reliance on gas and oil and will, in the long run, be better for both our pocketbooks and the environment.

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