Venezuelan opposition wins Congress: Do you think change will finally come to Venezuela?

  • Change will come.

    I think change will certainly come to Venezuela. It has been a long time coming and they really need some positive change in their political realm. When the United States and congress get involved, it is clear that change is certainly needed and it will finally come to Venezuela's government and their people.

  • Yes, Vnezuela starts a new road of change and progress.

    Yes, Venezuela has been controlled for almost two decades by a socialist party that has done nothing but bring poverty and misery to the country. For almost 17 years the Venezuelan opposition has never won a single election, supposedly due to fraud in the election process, and for the first time since the beginning of the socialist regime Venezuelan citizens breathe an air of liberty and change.

  • wave of voter

    wave of voter anger amid a deep economic crisis, swept to a big victory in midterm elections,the margin of victory was bigger than expected, and a landmark victory for the country’s frustrated opposition, which hasn’t won a legislative or presidential vote.In a deeply polarized country, though, it is unclear just how effective the new assembly will be, even though the opposition feels empowered.

  • A new thing always brings change.

    Yes, I believe change will finally come to Venezuela. This is because any new thing brings about change. The same goes for government regimes too. Even if it is not a new government, it is the start of a new season at the least. There will definitely be change. No matter how little it may be.

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