Verizon: Will offering the iPhone 6 for free continue to attract users to Verizon?

  • yes,iphone 6 is expensive.

    A surge in WiFi network demand has become a
    major concern for large wireless operators. At present, most of the
    data transfer by smartphone users is taking place over WiFi
    networks. The cloud-managed WiFi market has become a major growth
    driver for WiFi operators as increasing number of large and
    mid-sized business enterprises are rapidly adopting this
    technology.SO in my opinion it will attract users to verizon.

  • Everybody Likes Free

    A cell phone company such as Verizon does not only provide more coverage but they also provide new items to be given out for free such as the much hyped about iPhone 6. People see the word free in a nation that embodies that idea and are easily sold to marketing ideas with that f word.

  • It's a great plan.

    People want the fancy iPhone, but they do not directly want to shell out $600. The iPhone is a great deal through Verizon's plan, if you want to sign up for a service. If people do not see the cost directly when they purchase a 2-year service agreement, they will run to Verizon for the deal.

  • I believe Verizon will attract more users with continued free iPhone 6 offer.

    The Apple's iPhone 6 is undoubtedly the most anticipated phone release of the year. Despite its remarkably high retail cost, Apple has a devoted consumer following. For such a phone which normally retails for $300 minimum with 2 years contract, to be offered free will certainly draw a major pool of consumers to Verizon including Android users who do not opt for iPhoiPhone owing to its cost.

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