Vermont to legalize marijuana through legislation: Should the federal government legalize marijuana?

  • The federal government should reconsider the facts about Marijuana.

    The state are one by one coming around to the factsame being proven by numerous scientific studies. Marijuana has great medical value, and is less dangerous then alcohol when used recreationally. The federal government should not be enforcing such out of date policies. These laws were created as a means of control over minorities and not out of concern for public health anyway.

  • The financial benefits would be amazing

    Science is starting to prove that marijuana is not as bad as originally thought. When used moderately, and when produced following safety rules and regulations, there should be no issue with legalizing marijuana. The tax revenue alone should be the main selling point. When taxed, the government would have so much more money in the budget, whether at the state or federal level. Legalizing marijuana also brings about new jobs, in growing, cultivating, and selling. All around, I think it's a great idea and long overdue.

  • Yes, the Federal government should legalize marijuana.

    From a social justice standpoint, the Federal government should legalize marijuana as the drug is relatively low harm to its users and has seen much greater societal acceptance. Legalizing marijuana would destroy the illegal drug trade that plagues our communities as well as raise valuable tax revenues that could be used for social projects.

  • No Legalization Please

    The drug should not be legalized at the federal level or any level. People do not need to use drugs recreationally. If there is a medicinal need then let it be prescribed. Our citizens are being inundated with too many substances, in most cases just used for addictive purposes. Let's keep marijuana out of the legalized pool.

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