Verne Troyer on "Celebrity Wife Swap:" Do you think couples' relationships actually change after being on the show?

  • Couple's relationships can change after being on "Celebrity Wife Swap" because the partners experience an intense challenge.

    When being on "Celebrity Wife Swap" couples are separated from each other and required to live with different family units. The partners experience life without their partner. They have to accommodate and adjust to new people in their lives. These new people may have opposite views and life philosophies. The couples realize how understanding their partner is and how each of them takes the other for granted. The show puts the couples through an intense challenge and they come out of it seeing their partner with a renewed appreciation.

  • 'Celebrity Wife Swap' does bring change to relationships.

    I believe that when couples are exposed to a different style of living it really does influence them. They may not make a conscious effort to change the way they do things but the next time they are encountered with a situation they could handle better, they will instinctively remember what they learned from their experience and implement it if fitting.

  • Most relationships will not change from a partnerswap result

    Overall, I do not believe that a relationship will change as a result of a couple being on the show "Celebrity Wife Swap". An outsider's view or opinion will not necessarily change a person's behavior. People have to see in themselves a problem and desire to change. If a person does not want to change their behavior or marriage, being on a TV show will not change that.

  • Celebrity Wife Swap relationships are coached for outcomes and are not affected in the real world.

    The most recent reality TV show, "Celebrity Wife Swap" lowers the bar even further. We, the audience, are made to believe what we are seeing is real, unscripted and actually occurring when in fact it is contrived, scripted and established well before the final show. The show does not affect the celebrities real relationships.

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