• Yes and I was shocked

    Versace should be ashamed of itself. I'm hoping this is just a report from a disgruntled former employee but it doesn't appear to be. They have a secret code for black patrons that they warn each other with when the patron walks in the door. I'm not completely sure why they feel the need to do that but I hope blacks refrain from spending their hard earned money in Versace stores.

  • Old habits die hard

    All high-end luxury retailers, including Versace, have racist stores policies and procedures, whether they mean to or not. It is a latent part of the business they have run for decades. Latent racism, while not overt or aggressive, is as much a problem as any other manifestation of the disease.

  • Versace is niot a racist organization and it is niot widespread in their stores

    If there is any discrimination in Versace stores,, it is against poor people who enter the store without the money to buy anything, and I am sure that anyone doing so will be treated with equal disdain, regardless of their race or color. If there was a code for black shoppers in a store, it is an isolated incident that took place among a particular group of employees and is not widespread throughout the organization. Gianni Versace's favorite model was Naomi Campbell after all, and there is no history of racism against any individual or group in Versace's history.

  • More facts need to be known before a final judgement can be made

    The lawsuit brought against Versace sounds very shocking. We need to see the outcome of the lawsuit first because at this time it is simply one thing said by one ex-employee. That is not reliable enough, more evidence is needed. Also if it is found to be true it may be limited to only the one Versace store, we don't know. At this time you can't conclude that Versace have racist store policies, but the allegation is worrying and worthy of serious investigation.

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