Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki: Does his resignation from his post mean that the Veterans Administration will start anew?

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  • No, he is not the only problem.

    He was a very significant player in the whole scandal but I don't believe he is far from the only player. This was a failure of the system at the highest level. Nothing can be changed unless they cut waste from the budget and invest significantly in the future of the VA. The technology they operate with is decades behind most other companies and I believe that has also contributed to the massive problems.

  • Veterans Administration shouldn't restart because of his resignation

    Just because someone resigns from their post doesn't mean that the Veterans Administration should start over. That is the equivalent of throwing away all of the progress a group has made just because one person leaves the group or is removed. I think that Veterans Administration should continue doing what they are doing.

  • There may be some token reforms

    Even with a change in administration, the VA won't change too much. Party politics aside, the political bureaucracy doesn't change much from year to year. Regardless of who's in charge, favoritism, nepotism,trading favors and using connections will remain the status quo. Unless the whole system and how it works changes, nothing else will.

  • Nothing is ever new in DC

    I don't think this means the VA is going to "start anew." I don't even think this means the VA will solve its plethora of issues. Washington has a culture of recycling. I fully expect that Shinseki will be replaced by another Washington insider who had his hand in the pot. While he will come out speaking with fire, nothing will change and the same culture of corruption and incompetence will continue onward. It happens in every other aspect of our government, so I expect it to continue in Veterans' Affairs.

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