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  • The action taken by Chili's was not appropriate regarding the veteran it disrespected

    The action taken by Chili's restaurant was not appropriate regarding the veteran is disrespected. It's time people took a stand and ended this political correctness nonsense crap that is thrown in our face they after day after day. The manager of that restaurant should be sent to the deep frying line and relieved of his duties as manager. He is not worthy to run a restaurant that disrespects veterans in this way.

  • Action not warranted

    I do not believe that the actions of Chili's as a company in firing a manager who had refused to honour their free meals for Veterans policy is warranted. The deal for Veterans is arbitrary at best and a manager should have the jurisdiction to disallow the deal where neccessary.

  • No, it was not.

    The Dallas-based restaurant chain Chili's Grill & Bar having apologized and vowed to correct a wrongdoing after a local restaurant manager took away a free meal offered to veterans on Veterans Day was not the best action. This is because this had nothing to do with them, The wrongdoing should be corrected anyway.

  • The manager had a reason.

    People are so quick to post on social media any time there is a customer service complaint. Other people feel outrage and suddenly the person gets what he wants. Veterans have to pay for things and services, just like everyone else. They have no right to demand that people do things for free just because of their status.

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