• It totally is!

    So far all of their music videos have been legit. I don't have to waste my time search through horrible covers, posers, and stuff I don't want to hear to find the music videos that I want to see. So yes, I think Vevo is better than Youtube in that sense.

  • Easy one to answer

    The most of artists on Vevo are representatives of popular genres, such as pop, rap, rock etc. Therefore Vevo has a lack of different genres, so it's like asking are music videos better than music videos and covers compiled. The service is also blocked on many countries, and YouTube is available nearly everywhere. And all that advertising on Vevo - it's so boring, when you see a pop music video while trying to explore artists of rock genre.
    Vevo is advertising on YouTube, which I really don't understand. Everytime I watch a YouTube video there's a link to Vevo videos. :/ Like for YouTube, dislike for Vevo.

  • Youtube is better

    Vevo is definately not better than the Youtube website. I have watched Youtube for years ever since it first was made. It has so many capabilities and so much variety of different videos. From vlogs to how to videos to music videos there is just so many different videos to appeal to so many different audiences.

  • No, it isn't

    If you want to watch different kinds of videos like you would see on Youtube you won't find that on Vevo. They specialize in music videos and live concerts. Now they do this very well, but they don't have the selection that youtube has. They also have glitches in their app that makes it hard to use on your phone.

  • Vevo Doesn't Understand Genre

    Every time I choose Vevo to watch a video they play a different video as an advertisement. It's super annoying! I can go to watch Andrea Bocelli and they play Niki Manaj while my video is loading?! Perhaps the algorithm is royally messed up and it thinks that classical music and rap are similar. I prefer YouTube where at least the commercials are funny and when they aren't I can simply skip through them. YouTube also suggest videos instead of just assaulting you with what is popular aka what the label execs are force feeding that week. Down with Vevo! Viva la YouTube!!

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