• Her loss was another political takedown by the liberal left.

    Would you rather have the criminal HRC? She was and is the worst example possible with the exception of the idiot obama. He single-handedly devastated the US economy and if HRC had been allowed to succeed him he would have succeeded. Thank God she was not elected. A nightmare just barely dodged.

  • She doesn't play around.

    Yes, I believe that Sarah Palin could handle the job as Vice President, because she is a people person who is very good at articulating her beliefs. The liberal media picked on her and called her names, but she ran an entire state. She would have been an excellent Vice President.

  • Palin would make a great Vice President.

    I believe we could have a Vice President Sarah Palin, and I think she could very well handle the office. She was already a governor, so she is used to governmental work. Many people who have been VP have never even been in office as a governor. So she has that above them.

  • She could not.

    Vice President Sarah Palin, I do not believe she could handle the job. She would have been way in over her head, and I think the only reason she was chosen was to give Mitt Romney and edge in the campaign as she would have been the first woman VP.

  • No,I do not think she could handle the job.

    I think she is not suited for the job let alone, she is disapproved by the general public. I think she should step away from politics and look at something else. I am not saying she's dumb, but she's not deposited well in the eyes of the public, I hope they are wrong.

  • Not Qualified For The Job

    I do not believe Sarah Palin qualifies for the job of Vice Presidency. I also don't think she had any business heading Alaska either. I believe Sarah Palin is the anti-thesis to what we need when it comes to female political leaders. She is under educated and over coached. I want to see some strong female leaders, not ones that can be easily manipulated by men.

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