Victims forced to parent with attackers: Should rapists have parental rights?

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  • No, Rapists should not have parental rights

    Parental rights are revoked when the parent shows they are not fit to care for a child, and those who are convicted of rape should fall into that category. As a felon, who committed a horrible act of force upon another person, your rights are revoked and you are labeled a criminal, where you serve your time. Just because the attack resulted in a pregnancy, the parental rights of the rapist/attacker should not be left intact. Not only is abuse and detrimental to force a rape victim to raise a child with her attacker, but the attacker has clearly demostrated that they are unfit to be a member of society, much less a parent of a child.

  • Absolutely, positively NOT!

    A rapist should never be allowed parental rights to a child that is conceived due to the rape. That person has caused physical and emotional harm to their victim and should never be allowed near the woman or her child. This is a disgusting miscarriage of justice! The rapist should be rotting in prison, not visiting with an innocent child.

  • No, rapists should not have parental rights

    No, convicted rapists should not have parental rights. By the act of rape, they have demonstrated a dangerous behavior that should prevent them from being around any child, including one they conceived. There should be a protection order preventing them from contact with the victim as well as a listing on the sex offender list. Both of these would prevent a rapists from having parental rights.

  • No, rapists should not have parental rights.

    No, rapists should not have parental rights, especially if they are proven guilty. They should be allowed no where near children or even other adults. They should be put in prison and rehabilitated so they do not commit the same crimes if they are ever released. Their parenting rights should be thrown away.

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