Victoria Secret models: Should Victoria Secret use more 'normal' bodied women for their models?

  • Victoria Secret should use more 'normal' body models in their ads.

    Negative body image is not healthy, especially for teenage girls. The teenage years are hard enough for girls. They go through puberty a number of other changes during that time of their life. Further, they are highly susceptible to advertising, especially from companies like Victoria Secret. If Victoria secret used more 'normal' bodied women as their models that would send a positive message and may help curb the negative body image that plagues many teenage girls.

  • Yes, they should.

    The Victoria Secret Models may be nice to look at, but they give women and unrealistic expectation of what their bodies should and will look like. They also do not show people what the clothes would actually look like on their bodies. Victoria Secret might be about a fantasy, but it should be more realistic.

  • It depends, but mainly no.

    I mean I think there should be some, but it shouldn't be a huge switch. Like maybe add a couple here and there, but your body standards shouldn't need to be met in full. That's extremely stupid. It's their decision, not yours, if you don't like it, then you don't need to shop there.

  • No, Victoria Secret should not use more 'normal' bodied women

    No, Victoria Secret should not use more 'normal' bodied women. While in general, the clothing industry is facing calls to include models of more varying size and shape, Victoria Secret should not be held to the same standard. It is a specialty brand, selling lingerie that people will consider more of a fantasy item. Models should fit that fantasy idea.

  • They have a brand.

    Victoria Secret has a brand. That brand has a certain body type. That body type appeals to young women that like to buy their clothing. It makes the women that buy it feel beautiful. If Victoria Secret wants to develop a line that uses a different body type of model, they should give it a different name to preserve their brand identity.

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