• Video Games are indeed beneficial towards children mentally, physically, and psychologically.

    Video-Games have many benefits that many people are extremely ignorant of. Many benefits that video games offer to children can actually benefit them later in their life when they are adults, help them in their everyday lives, and do good for their bodies overall. There are many adults that are ignorant of such benefits and refuse to accept such benefits because they are gullible enough to believe in the negative stereotypes, myths, and stats that anti-gamers have created over the decades. The most obvious and main benefits include hand-eye coordination, development of important life-skills, and increasing your overall brain performance. Other benefits that are less obvious include increased intelligence, improved eye-sight, slowed down age process, social skills, diverse imagination and creativity, insight of many different concepts, improved literature skills, and also increased skills needed for many jobs such as surgeon and military soldier. These and other benefits can help children in many different ways that other activities cannot.

  • Video Games are NOT Reality

    Video Games are not beneficial. Their benefits are meager compared with playing with Lego's, exercising and actually talking face to face, which video games and phones are taking away. As for "Increased literature skills", should't reading be the backbone of that. Video Games are fun and enjoyable, but the benefits are limited when compared to many many other activities.

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