Video games cause bad things. (I think IT DOESN'T. Whoever says it does is stupid)

Asked by: TheGamerDebater
  • Any games are harmful to everyone. I don't play any game anymore.

    The game is enjoyable and easy to understand how to play and understand concepts. In fact, When I was kids I do various types of games with friends Nintendo and PlayStation. Lately, I realize any video games are harmful to me because sometimes we face various types of violence and overwhelming picture at the battle. I played battle war game that was terrible because always US army oriented game.

  • I agree with this

    However there is a point where a video game CAN become an addiction but. . . The addiction would be the same as a tv addiction or music addiction or maybe even a comic book addiction but. . . That’s not the video games fault. It’s not like a drug like porn is where you jerk off and get a reaction or like drugs where you shoot a needle inside yourself to get high, Whoever is making that comparison your comparing apples to oranges. Video games have very little dopamine compared to porn and drugs

  • Video games are actually good

    Video games can actually make hand eye coordination and reflexes better and quicker. Plus it helps you get happier by doing something you like. Plus you can also play with friends even if they have moved far away to go visit. Don't be a noob. So that's why video games are good and NEVER BAD.

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