• Video Games Should Be Allowed in Schools

    Schools nowadays don't even do what they are supposed to do, they use standardized testing and several studies show that schools actually make us dumber and actually damages us. Plus in schools they tell us to do something but the human brain does not do well with commands. Games are addicting and if we make a game for schooling (that does it's job well) it may actually decrease the amount of time that a person needs to spend in school in order to absorb the information provided.

  • Whats the worst that could happen?

    I think video games should be allowed in school. Children should have something to entertain them if they have finished their work. They can play video games as long as they are school appropriate. On their free time they can play, as long as they aren't being crazy with it.

    Posted by: Maee
  • They are really awsome

    They are awesome because you can play diffrent games on the website. They are just realy really really awsome. Kids can construt with minecraft or learn stratigy with whers my water or work on your reflexes with subway sufers. In conculsion video games are really awsome. So ya we need them.

  • School would be more rewarding

    If schools allowed videogames as a reward people would do their class work and would do it correctly as a reward a teacher would check and if they got a good grade they could play and video games also have engineering in them they test reflexes there could also be a time limit so they wouldn’t play forever

  • No, they should not be allowed in school.

    School is for learning, not playing. There's plenty of time to play video games aside from school, you don't need something that will distract you further from learning. Maybe allow them a bit of time to play when they're on a break from classes, but definitely nothing more. If you're really looking to have kids learn from games, then encourage them to do it outside of school -- not in it.

  • Absolute Chaos around the school

    During school hours, children should not be allowed to use video games. By using video games during school it could distract them from doing their work. They may rush their work so they could just play a quick video game. School is a place to come to learn and to become more educated as a person, not to finish off games. As soon as they get home, they may do whatever they wish to do- which includes playing video games.

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