Video Projection Mapping: Is the best example of projection mapping still at Disney World?

  • Yes as Disney world is one of the iconic animation companys that showcased the very best of Video Prejection Mapping

    Disney is the best example of Video Projection Mapping as they where the original animation company as they created some of the most memorable characters and stories that have lasted generations and will last for generations to come. There Video Projection Mapping techniques helped to make them the icon that they are today.

  • You can't beat it.

    Yes, the best example of projection mapping is still the place where it all started, and that is at Disney. It's great to sit with your family at the Magic Kingdom at the end of the day and watch the projection mapping on the castle. It was a great invention by the imagineers.

  • Disney World Still Has It

    Although other companies are getting into Video Projection Mapping, Disney World still has the best example of Video Projection Mapping. Video Projection Mapping as a big selling point at Disney world and they are going to do everything that they can to maintain that edge in this technology. That is why they have, and always will, have the best Video Projection Mapping.

  • Disney is the top of the line.

    Disney has always made an effort to be top of the line at everything. I have no doubt that they will always be at the cutting edge of this technology, and they will continue to be. No matter what your opinion of Disney is, this has been how they have succeeded so well.

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