Video shows woman shooting at burglars during Gwinnett home invasion. Should more people be allowed to own guns for self defense?

  • Yes, people should be allowed ot own guns for self defense.

    If owning a gun was more widely accepted, I believe there would be far fewer burglaries and home invasion. In the city of Detroit, where the jobless rate is high and subsequently the home invasion rate, there are stories reported nightly about home owners fighting back fending off home invasions with guns.

  • Yes, more people should own guns for self defense.

    More people should be allowed to own guns for self defense. The castle doctrine says that a homeowner has the right to use deadly force (a gun) to defend her home. Therefore, more homeowners should be allowed to own guns to defend their homes. This would act as a deterrent against burglary.

  • Yes, Gun ownership could be the difference in life or death for your family.

    People should be allowed to own guns for the protection of themselves and their families. If there was any attack on my family, the most precious thing in the world to me, I would want the most effective tool in protecting them. The burglars are going to have guns to protect themselves. Why wouldn't I want the same for myself and my family?

  • People shouldn't be allowed as a self-defense weapon

    People shouldn't be able to keep a gun in their house. What if he accidentally shot someone innocent? What if that person died? Some people might feel guilty, or even go crazy. If the person died, how will the government face this problem? Didn't you just committed murder then? And what if you killed yourself with it? Won't that increase more suicide ways?

  • Gun ownership should not be expanded

    Gun ownership should not be expanded. Although a woman was able to shot at burglars attempting to enter her home, too often, gun violence ends in a tragedy. There are accidental shootings, or a case of mistaken identity. It is better to leave the guns to the police who understand how to use the firearm.

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