Video surveillance: Are crime cameras helpful in prosecuting crimes?

  • Yes, crime cameras are helpful in prosecuting crimes.

    Yes, crime cameras are helpful in prosecuting crimes. Crime cameras are great tools into helping identifying criminals when their are no eye witnesses. They are helpful at placing people at the scene of a crime when their is no DNA evidence. Data has shown that crime cameras area benefit to society.

  • Crime cameras are the best, better than word of mouth

    Since many crimes are involving people that may experience trauma, a camera provides a good way to know exactly what happened to a person. Even if it may seem creepy, cameras help to ensure that when a crime does occur, it is documented as to who commited the crime, and the details.

  • Yes, cameras are helpful for crimes.

    Cameras are definitely helpful for finding and prosecuting criminals, such as people who steal, or even the Boston Marathon bombers, who were identified via film. They aren't always foolproof, since a lot of times the imagery isn't the best due to not being zoomed in on the culprits. But having some evidence is certainly better than not having any video of the crime at all.

  • yes they are sometimes

    Yes video surveillance can be really helpful in solving a crime. Crime cameras can be very helpful in prosecuting crimes. They do not always work, and you can not always see things so clearly in the surveillance videos, but it is better than nothing. And a lot of times they help out in cases.

  • Yes, they solve a lot of crimes.

    Yes, crimes cameras are helpful in prosecuting crimes, because a lot of crimes are solved by the cameras. Anyone who has ever been the victim in a hit and run wishes that there had been a video surveillance camera to help find the person responsible. Crime cameras can improve outcomes for crime victims.

  • Yes, very much so.

    Video surveillance cameras provide us with something that is even better than eye witness testimony. When footage is available, we can see who the perpetrators were, what they were wearing, what kind of weapons they were using and all sorts of identifying information that eye witnesses might forget or falsely report.

  • Cameras prove what happened.

    Video surveillance cameras are very helpful in prosecuting crimes. Whether witnesses are present or not, a jury is still able to witness what has happened. Although many say these cameras violate our rights, they can also help protect us. Recently I received a ticket because I had ran a red light on one of these cameras. I did not remember running the red light because a semi-truck had gone through the intersection prior to me when the light turned red. If I had pressed the issue, the video would have proved this. You could see the semi in the picture that was mailed along with my ticket.

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