• I go for Video Games.

    Video Games have had a very large impact on our culture as a whole. Another reason why is because there is so many things that you can do in video games than you can do in sports. When were you ever able to fight a dragon when playing football, or shoot other people, die, and then re-spawn when playing basketball. Video games have so many environments and situations that just cannot happen in sports.

  • Video games is the future....

    Our World is changing, were discovering even more now, and we are also getting advanced in technology, people who have gaming consoles or computers have a better understanding of technology than people with bouncing balls and helmets. Also it promotes fast decision making, and it improves hand to eye contact. Sports also has the most injury reports also, you can't get hurt play games.

  • It's really a matter of opinion

    I like video games more because they improve mental processing ability and because there more fun. I can roam around a new world and explore and discover new thing. With sports I can get sweaty and smell bad. Most jocks I know are really stupid and devoid of reason. All they care about is being popular and playing sports. A sad existence if you ask me.

  • Video games are superior to sports because...Video games let you live in a fantasy, this is your tale, not tied by the limits of reality

    Sports are fun and do give you great exercise, but you cant jump 10 ft into the air and shoot fireballs out of your hands at a giant fire breathing dragon when playing basketball can you? Or call in a giant laser weapon to destroy the enemy team wearing blue spacesuits.

  • Good for the body

    I think sports are good because it keeps the body healthy. Video game s are fun to play every once in a while. If you play on a sport team yo meet new people and you are communicating face to face not through a head set. If you play video games you ruin your eye sight. Therefore I think youth and teen should play play real sports not the x-box

  • I choose videogames!

    I chose videogames because it's super entertaining, relaxing, and you can play with people easily throughout the world! There are also alot of different categories in videogames, like Rpg, or simulation, action, even a "sports"category! So in conclusion, videogames are relaxing, fun for the whole family, and you will never ever be bored by videogames because there are seriously at least one million videogames in the world!

  • Video Games obv!

    To start off, I am not saying that Video Games are always better but I am saying that in some circumstances and some situations, Video games are better and are more helpful.
    Firstly, A study of children ages 10 through 14 was conducted and it found that players of Wii Sports boxing (an active VIDEO game) burned an average of 248 calories per hour; for those of you thinking: "It clearly says Wii Sports? ! ", It may say that but it is still a video game, So relax and play your video games because you will still be fit. And if that isn't good enough for you then: just "sitting on the couch doing nothing" (as someone stated) actually burns 81. 5 calories an hour so even if you are playing Fortnite but not moving then you are still burning calories.
    Secondly, Someone who said no said that playing video games disconnects you from the real world and he did give evidence but I would like to say that that isn't always the case. You see, Playing video games may disconnect you from the real world but it can also help you improve your spatial awareness and help improve your common sense and self-awareness skills, Let me prove this to you. If a bear were to approach you then if you played sports then you would run away, Unfortunately, If it was a grizzly then it would come straight for you and get you whereas if it was a grizzly but you played video games, Then you would know from your video experience you would know the safest way out of this situation and could leave without having to harm or be harmed.
    Thirdly, Someone also stated that video games can have horrible side effects like fatigue, Migraines, Eye strain or the inability to sleep and though that is rarely the case, Playing sports means you have worn out your body and are too tired to do much else. Also, Playing sports can give heart attacks, Hypothermia, Drowsiness, Dehydration, Chesty coughs, Sneezing and even difficulty sleeping!
    Finally, Video games are much safer as in sports there is always the risk of: getting hit with the ball, Tripping over, Getting a stitch, Having an asthma attack or just getting hurt in general! With video games, There are many fewer risks.
    To conclude, Video games are better than sports as video games can help you prepare for anything that you might come across in life ahead. So remember, If you think that sports is better, You may be right but you may be wrong. It always depends on the situation but video games are better. As for children, Just remind your parents, You are still being fit! :)

  • VIdeo Games are better

    Video Games have a endless amount of imagnation, sports is fun but you can also get hurt. Even though sports is better for you physically it smetimes gets boring. Unlike video games there are many games to choose from like Roblox to Call of Duty. I pick sports cause there is more education and it is more entertaining to more audience.

  • Sports are way better than video games

    If you only play video games the odds are you will just be sitting around all day, Plus the blue light from the screens mess with your brain waves and effects your sleep patterns, and loss of sleep is bad for your health. If you play sports you will have extreme physical ability.

  • Video games are superior than sports

    For me as a way t enjoy your times video games are so much better . Sports can be fun but . Video games are art and fun since they give u the chance to experience enviroments and situations that can't happen in sports without getting hurt like in sports

  • Sports, of course!

    Sports give us exercise and also gives out entertainment. Video games waste our time. It's just sitting here, staring at a screen gaining nothing. Only wasting time. Sports make us healthy. We sweat. We feel good. Video games make us unhealthy. We wear glasses. We aren't active and get headaches.

  • Booo booo booo

    VIdeo games turn ur heads into mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush mush

  • Wider benefits of sports

    OK, obviously this isn't an either/or question - there is room for both. Videogames and sports both serve as a pastime; they can both serve as a medium for social interaction, but the degree of interaction is greater in sport (particularly in team sport); they both offer a degree of intellectual stimulation (videogames probably come out ahead in this category). Sport wins hands down in the physical benefits that it confers, and in the fact that it takes place in the 'real' world. Dealing with victory and defeat with magnanimity and respect for your opponent(s) face to face reinforces social skills in a way that just isn't replicated in the virtual world.

  • Sports for me as well.

    I myself am in soccer, beach volleyball, and I travel a lot for them both. It helps kids meet new people and stay in shape. The more active and healthier you are, you have a better chance of living longer than those who let themselves go. It gives you something to look forward to in the day.If you're having a bad day you can just go outside get some fresh air and throw the baseball, or football, or even kick the soccer ball around. But if you choose to play video games you don't get anything out of it except for a belly from the chips you eat all day and dark circles under your eyes.

  • I choose Sports

    Sports draw us in for many reasons, the elegance, the competition, the history, our identification with great athleticism (we may not be able to do it, but they sure can!), a coming together of community in a shared story etc. In a world that is losing its legitimacy; professional sports are essentially sane and fair.

  • Video game makes you worst as a person

    I had to quit playing soccer once because my mum said it was a waste of time, as a result I played games a lot when i had free times. When I started soccer again, i felt like a completely different person, I had an objective in life and i actually felt physically and mentally strong.

  • Sports are so much better.

    Although it did take a moment to think about, I do believe that sports are better considering the advantages you get. First of all, it is a fun way to become active, especially for kids who don't have access to workout equipment. Also, playing well in a sport can make you stand out when applying for colleges and maybe you can even get a scholarship.

  • Sports for me

    Nothing against anyone that enjoys playing video games. If you enjoy playing video games for a living, have at it. Everyone has hobbies. I still have my older consoles but my interests have changed over the last 5 years that I don't bother playing anymore. I've become more of a sports person and have collected memorabilia from some popular sports teams. As for the social aspect, yeah, playing sports can be better than sitting playing video games; both sides have their respective pros and cons.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Sports are better

    There are several benefits to sports compared to video games. Many sports help people get (and stay) in shape. Sports can help build muscle, speed, flexibility, teamwork, discipline, hand-eye-coordination, confidence, self-defense ( martial arts/MMA), etc.

    Video games....Don't offer these things. Sure, they can be fun and help relieve stress, but sports can too. Video games can also make you mentally and physically "dead". Obviously, playing an hour now and then won't be detrimental, but excessive playing makes you feel like crap (I say this from personal experience). Video games seem to discourage any sort of mental or physical work, whereas sports challenge you mentally and physically.

    "When were you ever able to fight a dragon when playing football, or shoot other people, die, and then re-spawn when playing basketball. Video games have so many environments and situations that just cannot happen in sports."
    None of these things are 'real'. You're not actually fighting a dragon. You're not actually shooting a gun. Life is short. Rather than waste away on the couch, go out and challenge yourself by doing some sports.

  • Sports are better

    We play video games every day whenever we have free time. We download new apps and even play 'sports' on out devices. However, There is a downside to all of this. Video games are bad for your health, And they can be too addictive, And you will not focus. Also, Sports can provide more social interactions.

    Firstly, Video games are bad for your health. You will not work your different body muscles and fatten up on the couch eating junk food. Screens contain blue light which messes up your brain waves and effects your sleep pattern. Sports will make you more healthy as it will reward you with extreme physical ability.

    Also, Sports provide more social interactions with other people. This is especially the case for a team sport. It makes you cooperate with other people and earn you more friends. If you do not collaborate in a soccer match, Your team will not win, And you will end up in cataclysm. Without sports, There may be no social interactions with other people at all.

    Even though it is a step in technology, It will not benefit us. Right now it doesn't affect us now. That stage is now well behind. We have advanced a level further. However, It is causing addiction. Many teenagers are not focusing on their work and are playing games such as Call of Duty or Fallout. This must be stopped all we will all have to deal with the problems and never have anything done.

    Sports is much better than video games in many ways. Sport is better for your health, Is not addictive and can provide social interactions.

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