• People can get injured

    We do not want people in our society to get hurt for no reason. We have law enforcement for a reason. If ordinary people want to help they should become part of law enforcement and not just strike out on their own and possibly get killed. Injured or dead people can not care for their families.

  • Yes definitely 100%

    Yes because i am wilson fisk and i hate this pesky daredevil and spider man get rid of them please and thank you very much

    a day without daredevil and spider man is a calm and relaxing day by the spa.

    You allow vigilantism? Spiderman and daredevil will thwart all your evil schemes!

  • I argue that Vigilantism should be banned in society.

    My opponent argues that vigilantism helps to decrease the overall crime rate by punishing deserving criminals, And by instilling fear in the general public to deter them from criminal activity. I appreciate my opponent's commitment to justice and crime deterrence, But I respectfully disagree with the posited points.

    The line between vigilante and criminal is blurry and undefined at best. Vigilantes and criminals both act in violation of the law, And outside of any legal authority or legitimacy. Vigilantes often make use of privacy-violating methods of surveillance, Intelligence-gathering, Violence, And coercion to achieve their goals. Rather than decreasing the crime rate, Many vigilantes are considered criminals themselves for such acts, Thus raising it.

    Deciding who deserves to be punished, And in what manner, Is a difficult question to answer. Many diverse, Contradictory interpretations of justice abound in any given society. Vigilantes take justice into their own hands and act on their views. But who truly deserves to be punished? What is a just punishment? The Ku Klux Klan and other lynch mobs in the USA alone (not to mention other vigilante groups worldwide) made use of terribly cruel forms of torture to "punish" perceived criminals, Many of whom were innocents or social targets (in terms of the KKK, African-Americans and their sympathizers). These actions have since been universally condemned. It is evident from such actions that vigilantes have no set accountability, And nothing preventing them from committing heinous crimes themselves, According to their own definitions of justice.

    Now I will appeal to established law. While vigilantism is not strictly speaking illegal in states like the USA and UK, Many, If not all acts of vigilantism, Such as violence, Surveillance, Coercion, And others, Are illegal. Such actions undermine established law, Which erodes societal order. An example is that vigilante action encourages law-breaking if one deems it worthy. If such an idea spreads through the general public, Then more and more people will break the law when they deem it worthy. If this happens, The law's authority will be broken. And when the law's authority is broken, Chaos will follow.

  • I will say i am against the motion that "vigilantism should be ban in society"

    Well, Vigilantism is a way by which individuals (a group of people or a single person) help fish out criminals or people who go against the law and punish these victims without legal law with the deserved punishment.
    By doings of these individuals fishing out for criminals who deserve to be punished they help to decrease the crime rate in the society or the nation as a whole. Also it instills some kind of fear in the people and this make the people desist from acts which are not accepted by society.
    These vigilantes protects innocent people in the community the only thing is that they do this without legal means but still they stand as a check to societal behaviour

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