• Actually they both sucked

    I believe they are equally sucky and I only picked YES because I liked the early Romans better at any given time than the Vikings or Saxons. Now the Vikings were fairly cool and gave us some awesome words like Thorsday and better weapons. So in closing, I'll say the Saxons, by their selves, completely sucked and we all would have been better off with out them.

  • I take it back yes

    Their acts have caused more lasting damage than imaginable. They were the ones who conquered and oppressed Greenland and Finland. They were the ones reaking havoc in North America, via the British (Lowland Scots speficially). They have causes more damage than any other group in history. No one is perfect, but they have a poor track record.

  • No one has said yes yet

    Romans killed many people I dont really believe in this side but because no one has said yes I am going to see the percentage change. Maybe it will change 1 percent. Maybe more. Maybe it splits to 50/50. Who knows? Maybe more maybe less PERCENTAGE percentage percentage yup thats why

  • Romans have poisoned the world a lot more

    The romans were probably even worse than the Germans during the WW's. Plus the romans are still affecting billions of people lives to this date.

    The romans sentenced people to the most unimaginable painful, revolting death ever humans have thought. Plus to me personally the romans have affected, made my life difficult and poisoned my life personally, so I would have to say the romans.

  • Romans were responsible for massacres and genocides and tortured more people than we did by being mauled by lions.Real civilized.

    The Roman Empire committed a genocide of the Jewish People under its Occupation of the Land Of Israel.
    From about 3,000,000 Jews in the First century CE, about 200,000 survived until the 7th century, most of them killed or enslaved.

    The Roman occupation (63 BCE – 324 CE) proved a calamity for the Jewish people. The Romans destroyed Jewish independence and canceled its population majority in Israel.

    Following the Great Revolt (66 – 70 CE), and increasingly after the Bar Cochva revolt (132 – 135 CE), the Roman policy as dictated from above was to turn the Jews into a minority in their land, and to eliminate the rebellious Jewish nationality.

    For a while, the Romans also tried to force the Jews to integrate into the Hellenistic culture through religious persecution.

    The Jews never accepted the loss of their national independence, or the colonization of their country by Greeks, Macedonians, Romans and Aramaic- Syrians, or the religious persecution. They ignored Rome’s stronger position and rose against its rule again and again, throughout the Roman occupation:

    57 BCE: Rebellion against Gabinius, following his raiding the Temple riches.
    54 BCE: Rebellion against Crassus, following his raiding the Temple riches.
    66-70 CE (fall of Massada 73CE): The Great Revolt, motivated by the desire to throw off the bondage of Roman occupation, as well as for religious reasons.
    115-117 CE: Rebellion against Trayanus, erupted in Israel and other places in the Empire, following Lucius Quitus’ appointment as Proconsul in Judaea (having cruelly crushed the Jewish revolt in Messopotamia) and his policies.
    132-135 CE: Bar Cochva revolt against the Hellenisation of Provincia Judea.

    The Roman Empire suppressed the revolts by slaughtering, and wiping out of entire villages and cities, enslaving thousand hundreds of prisoners of war, and chasing many others to run away to save their lives.

    On the eve of the Great Revolt against the Roman occupation of Israel (66 BCE) the total population was between 3,000,000 to 4,000,000, the majority 75% of whom Jews. After the revolt was suppressed the number of Jews was reduced to about 1,500,000.

  • The ruthless romans

    The romans are ruthless and made murder into a sport.They killed all their emperors and tortured people and animals.Lots of people say the romans are good but they killed everyone they didn't like.They may have been clever but they also killed everyone that they captured.They killed all the Jewish people.

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Adam2 says2014-03-18T16:51:24.940
I can't put my answer on it for some reason, but I'll say no, because BOTH were bad.
Romans treated the Jews like garbage, but the Northern Euro countries had their brutal empires. Ask an Inuit how they feel about Denmark. Ask the Irish how they feel about the Vikings and the British Empire.