Vikings Playoff Hopes: Is Teddy Bridgewater good enough to take the Vikings to the next level?

  • Teddy Bridgewater will get the Viking to the playoffs!

    Minnesota quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will get them to the first round of the NFL playoffs! But as a second year quarterback he is a long, long was from taking the Viking to the next level as a Super Bowl contender. He need to get better at being more accurate and throwing the ball downfield with a softer touch.

  • Yes he is

    Teddy Bridgewater is definitely good enough to take the Vikings to the next level. Not every team needs a stud QB. The Ravens won a super bowl with Trent Dilfer! The Vikings can do well f they can play great defense, Peterson can continue to be a great RB, and Bridgewater can run the offense.

  • he is really good player

    Teddy Bridgewater this season shows pretty good results. Yeah, a lot of people say that Bridgewater has limitations, like arm strength, but it it doesn't mean that he can't play well. It means that he can only play a certain way and he will have to be great in this realm.

  • Coming into his own this year

    The Minnesota Vikings have the luxury of leaning on Adrian Peterson to support their offense, using a running game to help set up the passing attack. Yesterday, in the third quarter, AP had to have his ankle looked at and the Vikes were forced to lean on Bridgewater to succeed, he lived up to the expectations and had a great game.

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