• Yes, I will miss Vine.

    Yes, Vine was brilliant and I will miss it. My kids showed me many funny Vines they found. A lot of them were hilarious! I was so impressed by the comedy someone can put together in just a few seconds. These Vines were short and sweet, and often so very clever. They will be missed.

  • Nope not at all

    Once Vine got to be so popular it was really fun. After a while however, all the vines were being shown on Facebook and on Twitter. Once that happened I never got on Vine again. There was no need. If an app isn't necessary and it just purging money from said company it should go regardless. If an app is making money that would be the only reason to keep it. As long as vines are able to be seen on other apps, it's all good.

  • No, not really

    I only used it once or twice, and never really did much with it, especially after Instagram started offering the abilty to do more or less the same thing. Other things will take it's place and I don't mind that it is gone now. It was kind of annoying to me.

  • No I won't

    i'm sure some folks will miss using and viewing on Vine, but I won't . It was a little too experimental and extreme for me. Plus a lot of the content was NSFW and not something I'd like my minor children to be able to see. It was a neat concept though.

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