• Yes, it is

    I think Viola is a very nice name. It can be associated with the music, violet color and flower. All of those things are very romantic and they invoke something sensual and melancholic. If I were English I would name my daughter Viola because to me, that name has both nice meaning and it sounds nice.

  • Yes, the name Viola is an evocative, beautiful name.

    The name Viola is an old-fashioned name that means "violet" in Latin. It brings to mind flowers and the beauty of nature. It also reminds music lovers of the instrument, the viola, known to bring tears of emotion to listeners. The sound of the name is even poetic, having three, even syllables and ending with a sound that rolls off the tongue. Perhaps, I am biased, though. Viola is my middle name given to me by my mother, who loved having it as her middle name.

  • Yes, Viola is a beautiful name.

    Yes, Viola is considered a beautiful name by most people. Not many names begin with the letter V. Therefore, Viola is a bit of an unusual name--a name not used that often. Therefore, Viola's rare use and its pretty sound make it a beautiful name. However, any name can be beautiful to someone who likes that name.

  • It's not for me.

    Personally, I don't like the name Viola or think that it's a beautiful name. That's probably just because I'm a musician, so that name will always just be the name of an instrument to me. However, I don't think that it's awful, and I think parents should be free to name their children whatever they like.

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