• Seeing as it is Israel moving troops into Gaza, bombing civilian homes and shops, yes, I'd say Hamas is justified.

    Israel is attacking civilians on the strip RIGHT NOW. They are brutally murdering innocents as well as the handful of combatants.

    They have been chomping at the bit to kill as many Muslims on the strip as possible.

    The results of this land grab will be 100 more years of hatred between Israel and their neighbors. It will likely mean the cooling of relations between Israel and the west, which is good, since they are warmongers.

  • Zionist aggression again

    This started because Israel ALLEGED that Hamas killed three teenagers. Where's the proof?
    Over 100 Palestinians dead, 3 Israelis!
    Can't criticise Israel, as I am then anti Semitic!
    The world looks on as Israel does what it likes!
    And the war criminal. Oops sorry Middle East peace envoy does nothing!

  • Yes, they are justified

    I think considering their our innocent civilians getting killed, also they are going to lose more of their land they are justified. The violence is just getting worst so there needs to be some type of fear of retailiaton. I think as long as the continue to get attacked they have the right to fight back.

  • Gazan's attacks on Israel are justified

    Gazan's and palestinian attacks on Israel are reactions. Israel is occupying palestinian territories and suppressing palestinians. Palestinians have the right to self defense. They dont have high tech weapons which can discriminate, their low-accuracy rockets are the only available option.

    In the current battle, palestinians killed so far 39 israeli soldiers and 1 civilian. While israelis killed 850 palestinians, out of which more than 80% are civilians. Which case is collateral damage?

    Palestinian fighters are among civilians, there is no other place to go, they dont have camps or centers, they sleep at night in their homes and they go to fight israeli army wherever they are. Israeli army is stationed in urban areas. Gaza is 360km squared, 1.7 millions live there, whole gaza is urban like one city.

    There is no evidence that Hamas kidnapped the three israelis.

  • Hiding behind civilians and launching rockets is not a military maneuver it is just cruel and cowardly.

    Hamas instigated this current violence by just randomly kidnapping and murdering Israeli teenagers. There is never a justification for that. People have said it's because of the actions of the Israeli government and that is the biggest bull I have heard. That is not even a justification to attack the soldiers more so innocent teens. Launching rockets in civilian areas like Tel Aviv has one goal and one goal only and that is to kill Jews.

  • Hamas is a terrorist group committing terrorist acts

    Anyone that says that Hamas is justified in their actions is saying that they support terrorism. This is what is happening. Hamas is committing a terrorist act against Israel. Hamas will kill anyone that is not Muslim including Americans. How can any true American support or side with this type of behavior.

  • They hate Israel just because they are Israeli

    I love how people forget that Muslims live Israel with no issues, but if a Jew crosses that boarder then they will get killed by one those "innocent" Palestinians. Hamas sole purpose in life is the end of the Jewish people. How do you have peace talks with people like that?

  • No, Gaza is not justified in their military maneuvers.

    Gaza's increasing military presence and maneuvers are creating more upheaval in the conflict between Palestine and Israel. By their increased maneuvers, both sides are also ramping up their defensive and offensive forces which will lead to a larger and more brutal battle when standing guard isn't enough for either side anymore. Both sides need to attempt more peaceful negotiations to resolve these conflicts.

  • Gaza is not justified in attacking Israel.

    In my opinion the current military action taken by Hamas in Gaza cannot be justified. The firing of rockets and other missiles into densely occupied civilian territories can never be justified as it is nothing more than an actor terror. While tactics such as this are employed by either side in this conflict there will be no chance for peace in the Middle East.

  • Violence is not the Answer

    In the past we have seen many deaths and inhumanities as one human disagrees with another. Yet some of us don't seem to understand and learn that violence only breeds more violence. There are times when we must open our minds and our hearts so we can understand the position of the other party. Unfortunately there are many who's minds and hearts are closed. They feel their way is the only way and what I want I take, without care or respect for another human being's life.

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