Violence in Israel: Should U.S. media professionals be reporting live from Israel (yes), or is it too dangerous (no)?

  • Media must report live from Israel.

    The media has a responsibility to report key activity all over the world. Traditionally, media has always puts itself in even extreme situations in order to get critical information out to people and to maintain their integrity, they must continue to do so in spite of possible danger. The world needs to know what is going on in Israel.

  • Their career, their choice

    Of course nobody should be forced or coerced into reporting from a war zone. However, if someone chooses to take the risk then it's their choice and they should be allowed to make it. These reports provide vital information about conflicts and sometimes are the only way in which the outside world sees what's going on.

  • Yes, it is part of the job.

    Journalists often recognize the potential risks that come with international reporting. I don't think employers should force them into reporting from dangerous areas. However, if they agree to do so, that is their choice. The excitement of travel and reporting on top-level news is part of what pulls media professionals into the field.

  • U.S. media professionals should be reporting live from Israel

    Despite the present state of violence in Israel, U.S. media professionals should be there reporting live. Most importantly, the public needs to see the coverage of current world events. Also, I believe that media professionals are aware of the potential to have to report in dangerous situations and should have chosen another career if they are not up to performing tasks required by the job.

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