Violence is a more effective way of bringing about political and social change than negotiation is.Agree r disagree with the statement

  • Violence has always been more successful than negotiation

    Throughout history, all major changes have happened after violence. Revolutions around the world never succeeded through talks. Without any threats, people in power will not be willing to concede anything that will harm their personal interests. Protests including violence tended to deliver more substantial benefits, and there has never been a large-scale social change brought about by peaceful protests or demonstrations. The Arab Spring successfully toppled regimes and brought constitutional democracy only through violence. Other protests that brought about change, such as Gandhi, King, Mandela or even the suffragettes, all included violence to some degree.

  • Violence promotes more violence

    Violence is very harmful for several reasons.
    1. Civilians and military member lose their lives.
    2. Violence promotes more violence. For example, if another country bombed your country, what is most likely to happen? Very likely your country will either start a war or place immigration restrictions on people from that country. It not only promotes violence, it also increases racial tensions.
    3. Children are being taught and showed the wrong thing. Children are a product of their environment. If all a child sees is violence during their childhood, that is all they know, and it impacts them emotionally as well. There is a book called "A Long Way Gone", written by a former boy soldier in the civil war in Sierra Leone. This boy, now a grown man, was suffered from PTSD, drug addiction, and other problems and spent time in a rehabilitation facility. From his years as a boy soldier, he was told that what he was to do was to kill or to be killed. This is not how children, and people in general, should be taught.
    This is another issue of lives being lost. War and violence is an unhealthy environment for everyone. Violence should not be promoted.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Violence is never the answer

    If you can't talk it out in 1 day stay there for a while until you can. If you are arguing about something stupid like why vinilla icecream may or may not be the best which has nothing to backup either side, then just agree to disagree and move on.

  • Violence is Effective But Not Always

    Yes, the Revolutionary War was violent and worked and was worth it, but we don't always need to resort to war. I am not a pacifist but negotiation does work. The tariff threat that Donald Trump used brought China to the table to renegotiate our trade agreements. Yes, violence does work and it is very effective, but negotiation is also effective and it doesn't cost people lives or cause turmoil in the country. No one protests sending diplomats to negotiate and it's not as expensive as a war.

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