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  • It's Never Too Late For Peace In America

    The horrible, violent acts that we see happening more and more frequently in America, including the recent deaths of two black men and five Dallas cops, often only serve to bring people together. Before the deranged Dallas assassin let loose his hail of bullets, protesters and cops were seen marching and taking pictures together. This is the kind of solidarity that we need, and as long as it keeps happening, bridges can be built and peace can be made on the streets of America.

  • No it is nt too late

    America has been turning violent this year 2016. Due to all the violent events that has happened in the past one year, it appears that United States has become more violent. However it is not too late. Things can still be changed and it can become violent free nation if needed

  • It's Never too Late for Peace

    Although there appears to be a vast increase in violence in America, a review of the data would show that violence in America overall is down since the 1980's and 1990's. The violence that we see today certainly garners a lot of attention, but perhaps that is because it happens so rarely today in our society.

  • There is still hope for a more peaceful America

    The United States has certainly been rocked by domestic terrorist attacks. Some observers argue that after a peaceful protest in Dallas the only option for fighting our enemies is to use violence to combat their violence. However, I believe that that isn't the best course of action because it will only escalate things further. There is still a chance for diplomatic conversations that will restore the better angels of our nature.

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