• Video Games originally were designed to entertain kids and adults with fun challenges. These games have been replaced by vicious Killing and torture games.

    I BELIEVE that the video games of today have influenced people to kidnap, hold captive, kill, mame, torture, and enjoy every minute of it. It gives them intense power, and control over their 'victims' theve chosen. They get intense please from this and develop a whole new way to express themselves. They teach "take what you want, do anything you have to do to get it, and kill whomever is in your way" Now the really deep dark games are bought from a underground source that no one knows about. People in their demented ways, develope these games which totally brainwashes the player and wipes all sensitivy, emotions, and creates anti social behavior, vicious sprees of tyrantical behavior, and revenge. Such as a child has a teacher whom had punished him or her for bad behavior or homework issues, they seek revenge and become posessed to get them back, at any costs. Random shootings in schools, job sites, or whatever, has become a much more easier way for them to express their aggressions with the aide of these vicious games.

  • Since this isn't in the form of a question...

    I'll do everyone a favor and post some actual numbers.

    From 1995 to 2011 violent crimes in the US have been in steady decline, almost cut in half from 1992 to 2011.

    Meanwhile, video game sales have skyrocketed into the 10's of billions per year.

    Following the logic of (factually absent) critics, the more people who play video games, and the younger that generations BEGIN playing video games, we would see dramatic spikes in violence correlating with violent video games.

    But we don't.

    I've taken the liberty of checking the juvenile violent crime rates as well, and the same trends apply.

    In a 2004 US Secret Service review of previous school-based attacks it was discovered that one-eighth of attackers exhibited an interest in violent video games, less than the rate of interest attackers showed in violent movies, books, and violence in their own writings. The report did not find a relationship between playing violent video games and school shootings.

    A sample group of video games players were asked why they played video games and 45% of boys played video games because "it helps me get my anger out" and 62% played because it "helps me relax."

    The level of control granted to video game players, especially in terms of pace and directing the actions of their character, allows youth to regulate their emotional state during play. Research shows that a perception of being in control reduces emotional and stressful responses to events.

    Alarmist claims similar to current arguments against violent video games have been made in the past when new media such as radio, movies, and television have been introduced. Claims that these various mediums would result in surges in youth violence also failed to materialize.

    In 2005, the US had 2,279 murders committed by teenagers (27.9 per million residents) compared to 73 in Japan (3.1 per million). Per capita video game sales were $5.20 in the US compared to $47 in Japan. This example illustrates that there is no correlation between violent behavior and playing video games.

    There's a possible explanation to appease potential critics of video games.

    When someone who is naturally violent (due to genetic or environmental reasons) they are DRAWN to violence. The other 99.99% of us who can distinguish reality from fantasy will never carry out such actions in real life as we may see in fiction.

    Those who claim otherwise suggest that they BELIEVE their reasons to be valid, and make simple correlations and "testing" that suffers from design flaws and use unreliable measures of violence and aggression such as noise blast tests and other nonsense.

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