• Yes just like violent movies and video games

    Violent books are actually worse than video games because your brains absorbs the test violence a lot more than it absorbs picture, Movie violence or even doing violence on a controller. Text can always come as manipulative messages to the brain which is why books can actually cause more violence than video games or movies, Since with a book it requires you to imagine and picture the violence from a first person point of view

  • If you don’t like them, Don’t read them.

    If u don’t like violent book, Then that’s really your problem. Imagine that I don’t like ice cream so I say that no one else should have ice cream. That’s just so stupid. If you don’t like a book genre, Fine, Ok, I don’t care, But don’t try to stop other people from reading it.

  • Libraries are not places of violence.

    Books and ideas don't kill people, People do. Banning books serves little purpose other than to draw further attention to the very thing you are trying to ban.

    Also, No one has been proven in a court of law to have been violent due to a book telling them to. People don't need books to tell them how to be violent.

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