Violent video games ban: Artistic value - Do violent video games lack "artistic" value?

  • Well of course

    If a child way under the age rating starts playing one of the violent video games then it is probably obveouse that they will start copying the actions from what they see. It could then start getting very dangerous. The world is then put in danger for when they grow up

  • Violent content does not negate artistic value.

    The entire product of a video game should be evaluated for more than just violent content. While violent content should influence age-required ratings, it should not negate artistic value. Top Hollywood film directors' and writers' creations are not deemed "non-artistic" if their movie is violent; video game creators should also be given this benefit as well.

  • Violent games art teach valuable life lessons

    No, Violent games do not lack artistic value. Some forms of violence can be used to teach depe and valuable life lessons along with moving humans closer to a better understanding of one another through shared suffering. If this kind of demonstartion was not ocnsidered art, sensitive emotional conversations could not take place.

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