Violent video games ban: Do video games hinder academic achievement?

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  • Except for a disturbed few, violent video games are an outlet away from High School

    Violent video games are popular because they provide ways to deal with stress at a young age. When Joey gets denied a date to the prom from Cindy, who herself is going through issues, in most cases Joey can choose to play violent video games as an outlet of teenage angst.

  • No video games do not hinder learning.

    The only time playing video games can hinder academic achievement is if that's all the child does. I believe that it can help. If a child spends all of their time studying, they will most likely burn themselves out and not retain some of what they need. Sort of like recess in schools, playing a video game at times can give them a break. The time just needs to be monitored by a parent. That way the student doesn't spend too much time playing and they get the necessary work done. It's the same as taking a break to watch tv or go outside for some fresh air.

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