Violent video games ban: Do violent video games lead players to increased violence, and criminal acts?

  • Yes, I do believe violent video games cause people to be violent.

    Violent video games can cause certain vulnerable people to become violent. While not everyone will become violent after playing a violent video game, we do have data now that shows certain people, who later commit crimes, even practice by playing violent video games before going on their shooting rampages. Even an eight year old in Louisiana killed a relative after playing Grand Theft Auto IV this year--a game he never should have had, due to age, access to. Of course, not all people who play violent video games will attack and kill innocent people, but certain vulnerable people will, and for all, it may desensitize them to violence. Banning such video games would help, since restricting them does not always keep them out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them.

  • Years of violence

    More violence has occurred over the past couple of years. There is more school shooting and more and more violence is occurring in video games. Some states are making laws that you have to have violence or 18 older on the games. More bullying has occurred along with the shottings.

  • Don't ignore the facts.

    Violent video games have a link to both boys and girls had shifted thinkings after playing violent video games.
    Violent video games are actually almost twice as addicting. Because of that, they can cause:
    poor social skills ; resulting to no friends
    time away from family, schoolwork, other hobbies can result to being lazy.
    Reading less and lower grades can result too having a bad future due to poor academic skills + because of poor academic skills, they get frustrated, which is another source of anger.
    Because of addiction, you exercise less and become overweight. This increases many dangers(threats to health)
    because violent video games enhance anger in thought and feeling, they can make the gamer become a threat to everyone around him.
    ____________ Ignoring that. Lets go on.
    It is a risk factor that drives up the odds significantly. Even if parents monitor their childs gaming habits, it is possible. Even lives are lost. In 2009, more then 2000 lives were lost due to actions. I heard from a professional debater say that a 12 year old jumped out of his apartment building to his death just because his World of Warcraft account was suspended for a week! 7 days! Isn't that ridiculous? This supports the fact that they don't commit suicide just because of side events. If so, it'd happen a looong time ago, believe me.
    It even lowers self control! It discourages players from exercising it as well. For example, in GTA, players can steal cars, do a prostitute then kill her afterwards to get your money back, kill cops, etc. Rather then being punished for such behaviors,players are often rewarded, like health, money. Also, this means as for self-achievement, players will think doing such behaviors is appropiate. That also means it is a bad influence to our community.
    A 7 year old was once trying to relieve his stress after his dad, who was a policeman, yelled at him. He played a revolver game. One day, instead of casually playing it, the 7 year old literally took his dad's revolver(maybe to look cool, idea from how a sheriff taunts his gun and looks cool?) and shot 3 people before killing himself.
    A Indian university took in (I believe 44) males. After they played 30 minutes of violent video games, there was increased activity in the part of the brain called amygdala. This means depression was enhanced currently.
    It even causes higher heart rate, dizziness, and nausea for young people.
    Lets face it, violent video games don't only do these things.. But it goes further.

  • There is no valid study that shows a direct connection between playing violent games and one's violent actions committed.

    There simply isn't a single study that supports the notion that violence is directly correlated with the amount of time an individual plays a violent game. It is extremely difficult to get meaningful data from a sufficient sample size of people to form a correlation. No evidence for a strong correlation between violent games played and violence has been presented or found, making this statement very difficult to believe.

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  • I Disagree With This Statement

    According to many studies, violent video games do not make people violent. After a testing time, researchers changed the difficulty of games, violent or not. The study shows that the more difficult the game is, the more angry people get. In 20 minutes, if they cannot master the controls, they get violent.

  • How many violent acts have you heard, of when the criminal does not have a mental illness.

    Try to find the percentage of crimes related to violent games where the criminal does have a mental illness rather than not. I know that the games are a little over the top, but probably the nicest person I know plays GTA and they know not to do that stuff in person. These games are intended for people in the right mind.

  • Look At Mario

    If you look at Mario, it is actually quite a violent game. You are a plumber going around stomping on animals heads and burning them alive. The last part sounds like what the church did to "witches" a while ago. However, after I play Mario, I do not go around burning animals or kicking their heads in. In conclusion, the games do not cause violence. Bad parenting and mental health issues do.

  • It's the other way around

    There have been multiple shooting that involved a teenager as the shooter who played lots of violent video games. From this people thought violent video games caused these people to do their violent acts, which is controversial. It took some great minds to think of a much more logical explanation of this which is that the violent nature of the video games appeal to the violent nature of there people. Case closed.

  • No, they do not

    I played video games a lot. I suppose you could say some of them are violent. My cousin was a big fan of Halo. But neither of us is violent- in fact, my cousin is the least violent person I know. Perhaps people who are already violent play violent video games, but video games to normalize peaceful people violent.

  • Not the intended audience

    I play shooters virtually every day, but I'm a well adjusted adult and the idea of going into public and blasting people is an unthinkable evil to me. Rational, normal people aren't turned into monsters because of video games, they do not make an unforgivably cowardly and disgusting thing more appealing. Teenagers under high stress in an environment that already puts them under tremendous pressure, well...

    Video games aren't the problem, irresponsible idiots giving them to people not meant to have them are.

  • There is no link between violent video games and violence in real life.

    There is no link between violent video games and violence and criminal acts in the real world. Violent crime existed long before the development of modern video games, and since video games became widely available, violent crime has actually significantly decreased across the developed world. Thus there is no reason to blame video games for violence.

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