Violent video games ban: Is parental consent sufficient for filtering violent games from their children?

  • Yes, it is.

    Parents should be able to consent on if a child can, or can not play a video game. In some cases we may not agree with the parent letting their kid play a specific violent game, but in the end they know their child better than we do and probably know if they can or can not handle it.

  • It's the parent's call

    In most cases, the parent has to buy the game or supply the money for the game. The child should not be able to play it without a parent's consent. Each parent can decide what is acceptable for their own child depending on age, maturity, etc. Banning the games will never happen. Too many people pay a lot of money for them. The companies will continue to make them.

  • Only if your INSAINE.

    The only thing video games are doing are giving entertainment. There no worse than TV or the Internet. Gamers are growng in numbers every day it will be impossible to (Ban) video games complety. Even if they did there would be a video game black market... There's a restriction to under age kids from buying video games to mature for them as same as not being able to go into a R rated movie if your under age. At least there is some of a restriction. After 10 or 11 pm they can stream anything on TV?

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